The Mogelijk Case

Software Development

Together with a group of talented developers from various IT agencies we work on the various applications that make up the Mogelijk infrastructure.

Mogelijk Fonds

The most recent addition being the Mogelijk Fonds, a way for investors to invest in property with little effort more than initially providing some documents. A good way of making sure your money is working for you for the duration of the "Fonds" (3 years).

Moving away from a monolithic app

We've largely contributed to the next step, being the move to microservices and split front- and backend from the current monolithic architecture. This and also ensuring we are no longer vendor-locked and moving towards a situation that enables us to scale better.

Looking at Nuxt 3

Despite Nuxt 3 still not having released an RC, it seemed like the logical choice for our upcoming front-end apps. The speed gains thanks to vite and everything else that comes with Vue 3 are all welcomed gifts from the respective teams.